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A few reasons why we call Guatemala a mountain bike paradise:


The land of eternal spring – high elevations allow for a cool climate with low humidity.

Dry season aligns with the North American and European winter. (Nov – April)


Mountainous, canyonous terrain with a variety of ecosystems and trails.

Endless climbs and endless downhills!

Elevations up to 14,000ft above sea level (that’s from sea level mind you).


Ancient Mayan heritage a country with a living history.
Guatemala has a strong cycling culture with numerous local events.

Vast network of foot and horse paths.



{5,000ft} Situated below three enormous volcanoes and rich in history and culture La Antigua Guatemala is our center of operation. Steeped in a valley of coffee fincas and pine forests the riding here almost certainly involves a bit of climbing but the singletrack, breathtaking views of  Volcán Fuego, and some of the best restaurants in the country makes it all worthwhile.

Riders on our Cielo Grande tour above Antigua – with over 4,500ft of climbing this loop is rated intermediate / expert.

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Some of the best mountain biking in Guatemala takes advantage of the cool, dry weather at altitude. Above 6,000ft you will fine pine forests, alpine plateaus and some serious downhills to enjoy – don’t forget to bring your jacket!

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